The Internet has grown exponentially in the recent years. Having an online presence is no longer an add-on, It is rather a requirement. Building an online presence can help you grow your business by heaps and bounds. By employing blogging coupled with smart social media marketing you can rapidly multiply your online presence manifold.


Social Media can potentially bring massive laser-targeted traffic to your website. Social media networking sites themselves can instantly drive a huge pool of interested visitors to your blog. Search engines index publicly shared stories from social media. It’s now official that social presence is one of the ranking factors of SEO

Marketing your website in the social media is not as difficult as it might seem. However, there’s more to it than simply sharing links over Facebook and Twitter. Making your website or business stand out in the social media requires carefully thought out planning and using the right tools.

We can help you with the tools and techniques to get you started with social media marketing as we will delve into each of the major social media networks one by one. We will help you with exact step by step methods you can start using right away to build a compelling social media presence.


Facebook is used by hundreds of millions of people and is beyond doubt one of the best sources to bring in huge targeted traffic to your site. Chances are you are already on Facebook. However, using a personal profile for social media marketing is not as effective as using business pages.

Personal profiles have your personal stuff that you may not want to share with everyone out there. Another reason is the information shared over personal profiles may not get indexed by search engines. So you might end up losing that additional free traffic. Solution is to create a Group or a Page to represent you blog. This will help you build a brand presence around your blog. So, let’s get started.


Twitter is a unique micro-blogging platform. It is beyond doubt one of the largest, fastest-growing social media platforms today. Any message you post on Twitter must be less than 140 characters long. If you ever thought, what on earth can I post in 140 characters and still make the followers read and follow through, you better think again. You can really do a lot with 140 characters.


Yes. You can do a lot with 140 characters! Communicate with your followers, promote your products, provide support for your products, build relationships, stay on top of the latest buzz in your niche, engage with thought leaders in your niche, and much more. People have created innovative strategies to market and build a brand presence on Twitter.


LinkedIn is focused on creating a social network for professionals and their businesses. With over 150 million users globally, your LinkedIn marketing strategy is an important part of your overall business marketing strategy.

Use LinkedIn as a professional way to open some doors with prospective clients and get yourself and your business known and “linked in” in your industry.

While it doesn’t receive as much attention, may not seem as “juicy” or “gossipy” as Facebook and Twitter or can be considered dull in comparison, there are a lot of positives to having a LinkedIn account. People are on LinkedIn to connect with businesses and business professionals.

LinkedIn has built a reputation as the “professional” social media site and prospects want to be able to look you up there to find history, recommendations and your resume. LinkedIn marketing is often an untapped way to market your business

INet9 is here to help you with your Social Media presence.